Update from our Chaplain

Hey everyone – just a quick word from me to say thank you for everything you do.  St John Ambulance is more than just a group of volunteers who help with first-aid – we facilitate events happening, we gather all year in family groups and support each other, we tend to the sick, we offer hope to people who are distressed, we are there in the right places, at the right times, with the right training. 

We up-skill each other, we serve humanity and God in the way in which we treat people, respect people, and respect each other.  Every time we volunteer to stand at an event, we enable this Island to function. Hopefully some of that is reflected in the piece of art I made for the St John Day service at St. Ninian’s this year (it’s up somewhere in HQ … you may need glasses to appreciate it’s awesomeness).

I’m loving being the IOM St John chaplain – I’ve met some just outstandingly generous people who give and give of their time, expertise, money and energy.  You pour out your heart and soul into this, and things like Tynwald Day, TT, agricultural shows, bike events, parish walks, festivals – they so often just would not run, or would be lessened if SJA wasn’t there, and that means you!

In September-November I’ll be running a course on Wednesday evenings aimed at people who want to explore, or return to the Christian faith.  It’s at the Bohemian Coffee House (the little upstairs room in the cafe opposite NEXT).  It’s free, and open to anyone – if you’d like to explore faith alongside others doing the same thing, I’d love to see you.  Just search “Pioneer church alpha course” on Eventbrite and you’ll find it.  Enabling us to explore or deepen our faith is one of the aims of St John worldwide, and it would be fantastic if anyone wanted to take that journey too. 

I’m available for a natter and a cuppa and can usually be quite flexible with my timings if anyone ever wants to talk.  Have an amazing summer, and thanks again for all you have done and continue to do.

Rev Alex.