Young People

We want to teach a generation life saving skills.  Because if first aid is second nature to young people, then they’ll have the confidence to use it.

Over half of the people we teach are under 18.  We train young people in schools, and give teachers all the resources they need to pass on skills themselves.

Outside the classroom, our programmes offer young people from all walks of life the chance to learn first aid.  We don’t just teach them life saving skills; by showing them how to pass their knowledge onto others, giving them the chance to become part of our event first aid teams, and gain qualifications along the way, we offer them the life changing opportunities as well.

As one of the island’s leading Youth organisations we offer numerous volunteer roles or young people can join as a member.

Badgers (5–10 years)

Badgers are the youngest St John people, aged under 11 and usually meet once a week, taking part in a wide range of fun activities based on essential first aid and other fascinating topics, earning badges and certificates for each one.  For every three subjects a Badger completes, they receive an award until they achieve their Super Badger Award.

Our Badger programme covers a wide range of subjects and activities, from first aid to communication skills, to healthy living and being safe. All the subjects have been written by St John people with the aim of Badgers in mind and to support children through their learning and development journey.  Most Badgers move on to become St John Cadets.

Badgers can:

  • learn first aid
  • make new friends
  • get creative with arts and crafts
  • find out how the body works and how to stay healthy
  • learn about helping their local community
  • take part in team games
  • develop leadership and communication skills, and much more!

Cadets (10–18 years)

As a Cadet, you’ll have an exciting journey ahead of you. You’ll get to meet new people, learn new skills, and build your confidence.

Cadets are our adult members of the future!  Starting at age 10, you can continue as a Cadet until age 25 or move to an adult unit at age 18.

Life saving skills are at the heart of our Cadet programme. There is also the opportunity to use these first aid skills by supporting our adult volunteers at events.

Cadets are given the opportunity to work towards their Grand Prior’s Award. As part of the Award, you will be able to take part in a wide range of activities.

What will I learn?

Many Cadets join St John Ambulance to gain relevant experience before pursuing a career as a paramedic or health care professional. With so many different activities to get involved with, there is something for everyone.

Some of these include:

  • learning first aid and volunteering at events
  • engaging in social action and helping your local community
  • learning about health and wellbeing
  • developing your confidence and communication skills through our Cadet leadership courses
  • becoming a Peer Educator and helping to teach others first aid
  • enjoying a wide range of adventurous activities on a residential summer camp.

Youth Leaders

As a Youth Team volunteer, you’ll be trained to provide our young people with both life skills and life-saving skills, all while having fun!

Youth Leaders are the backbone of our youth organisation.  If you like being involved with young people and want the chance to be part of the team that inspires our young people to achieve and become an essential part of our organisation, please get in touch.

These are both flexible volunteer roles. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, you can volunteer as much or as little as suits you and your lifestyle. DBS check required.