At St John Ambulance Isle of Man we step forward in the moments that matter.

Our volunteers make a difference, providing first aid and playing a vital role in the heart of the Island’s community, saving lives and keeping the vulnerable members of our community safe.  They all share the same commitment: to offer vital help, on the spot, when it’s most desperately needed.  It is only with your help that we can continue to help keep communities safe. From fundraising to volunteering, there are lots of ways you can contribute and help us carry on our vital work.

Volunteering is a great way to enhance your CV, meet new people, and learn incredible, lifesaving skills.  Whatever you enjoy doing, wherever you are on Island, and however much time you can give, we have a volunteer role to suit you.

Volunteer Roles

Most of our volunteers are in community volunteering roles. They are on the front lines and behind the scenes making sure St John Ambulance is there in the moments that matter, saving lives and supporting communities.  Whether you want to help save lives or stay behind the scenes, you can pursue a variety of roles.

There’s a community volunteering role for everyone. You don’t need to compete with other people to get into these roles, although each has different requirements and commitments to meet.  Take a look at our roles and opportunities below to find out more. Almost all of our roles mostly involve volunteering in the evenings and at weekends, most only requiring a few hours per month.

Event First Aider

Support the public with first aid at a variety of large and small events across the Isle of Man. Full training will be provided for first aiders, advanced first aiders and emergency ambulance crew.

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Community First Responder

Support the public with first aid at a variety of large and small events across the Isle of Man. Full training will be provided for first aiders, advanced first aiders and emergency ambulance crew.

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Youth Volunteering

If you’re under 18, take a look at our Youth Programmes, which enable young people to learn first aid, build their confidence and gain important life skills.

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St John Ambulance Isle of Man is a charity, and we rely on your donations, to allow us to continue to engage more young people in first aid, run training courses, equip our volunteers, run our ambulance services and keep members of our local community, safe.

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Administration support

We are always on the lookout for people to support our operational and back office teams, such as making sure our people have the right equipment, in the right place, at the right time – ultimately helping us to save lives.

Why volunteer with us?

As a volunteer you can you can be part of the team that saves lives, whether it’s helping people in the community, providing first aid at local events or supporting our national health service.

How does volunteering at St John Ambulance Isle of Man benefit me?

Learn life-saving skills – We teach you all the skills you need to perform your volunteer role, including skills such as how to treat a bump or bruise or to treat someone in cardiac arrest, or something less obvious, such as how to spot safeguarding concerns.

Enhance your CV – Volunteering at St John Ambulance, is not only a great wain to gain valuable experience, but also a superb way to enhance your CV, whilst supporting your local community.

Meet New People – You’ll meets lots of new people when you join the St John Ambulance family, not least you’ll be in the thick of the action as part of our Event First Aid services team.

Supportive Network – We meet regularly in an inclusive and supportive environment, to help build your skills and confidence. In fact, if you ever find yourself experiencing some life challenges, we have a range of support options and resources to make sure all of our people receive confidential wellbeing help and support, should you ever need it.

A rewarding way to fill your time – Volunteering can be an incredibly rewarding way to fill your spare time. It increases confidence and self-esteem, helping you to feel immense pride about the difference you’re able to make within your local community. Whether you have an hour or an evening per week, or a day per month, we are flexible and can work around you and your schedule.

Be part of something great – St John Ambulance is steeped in history and have been saving lives and stepping forward in the moments that matter for over 140 years, ensuring every volunteer and member of our community is in safe hands.

How does my volunteering benefit St John Ambulance?

We welcome people with a passion for helping others in an expert way.

First aid saves lives and is our charity purpose – we are the difference between a life lost and a life saved and we upskill our volunteers, to help them to save lives wherever they live or work.

How does my volunteering benefit my local community?

Regardless of the role you choose, every person in St John contributes to helping local communities. Choosing a first aid or care type role may mean you are helping out at local events or relieving pressure on our local ambulance service.

If first aid isn’t your thing, you can choose one of our many other roles available, from youth leaders to back office admin support or setting up radio communications and logistics support.

Who can volunteer?

Our roles are open to applicants over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you can get involved with one of our fantastic youth programmes.

When can I volunteer?

All our volunteer roles operate in the evenings and weekends, with some weekday opportunities. Time commitments vary depending on the volunteer role. They range from just a few hours a month to several hours a week.

Where can I volunteer?

We are based out of our headquarters on Glencrutchery Road, Douglas, but cover the whole of the Isle of Man.