St John Ambulance Isle of Man is a charity that relies on your donations to allow us to continue to engage more young people in first aid, run training courses, equip our volunteers, run our ambulance services and keep members of our local community safe.

Ways to Give

You can be a life saver without ever opening a First Aid kit!

Make a donation

Donate online today. Your help will ensure we can continue our vital work within the local community and be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

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Face-to-face fundraising

Our face to face fundraising can come from donations from the Charities that we support with first in an Event First Aid capacity, or from our street collections, when we’re out and about around the Island. All funds raised remain on the Isle of Man and are hugely important to us, ensuring we and those who have trained with us, can continue to be there for vulnerable members of our community, in the moments that matter.

Give in memory of a loved one

Whether your loved one supported us in their lifetime, was someone who relied on us in the moments that mattered, or was a St John Ambulance volunteer, they will always be a part of our community. By remembering them with a donation in their memory, you can make sure their story is always part of ours.

How is my donation spent?

By donating and supporting our fundraising efforts, you can make a real difference in helping us to help our community when it matters most. Together we save lives and importantly, every penny donated remains and is spent on the Isle of Man.

£25 could help a young person save the life of a loved one

St John’s Badger and Cadet groups for young people aged 6 to 25, develop confidence and competent young people who are prepared to step up in an emergency and save lives. Many of our young people go on to become adult volunteers or take up a career in the health service.

£50 could help us urgently train or upskill a volunteer

Helps us to upskill a health volunteer to give extra support in the community, giving them extra skills required to work safely with patients and vulnerable members of the community.

£100 could help us continue to respond quickly to emergencies.

The success of our emergency response is based on St John Ambulance’s robust and well-organised systems behind the scenes. Our volunteers work as logistics coordinators, communications operators, call operators and more and we are continually investing in our people and the kit they need.

£250+ will support the future of St John Ambulance’s work

Our role in the local community is vital and with your help, we can save lives and continue to be the leading community health and first aid charity on the Isle of Man.