Event Services

We are a trusted and preferred supplier of first aid and medical cover for community and private events held Island-wide.

Our experienced Public Duty team is here to help and will discuss your event in detail and advise you on the appropriate level of cover needed, whether that be two First Aiders, right the way through to an Emergency Ambulance Crew or Paramedic cover.

We also work closely with the Isle of Man Government Event Safety Group and can connect you to a range of professional organisations who can give you additional event advice, should this be required.

Case Studies

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Service Information

Our volunteers on the Island, support the community in a number of ways, including first aid cover at public and private events, from the TT to Gaiety theatre shows and more.

We are the difference between a life lost and a life saved and pride ourselves on supporting the community when they need us most. Once the appropriate level of first aid cover is agreed for your event, our team will be on hand, to provide that all-important peace of mind.

Typical events that we have vast experience in providing first aid cover for, include:

  • Major sporting fixtures
  • Music festivals and carnivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Air & Agricultural Shows
  • Fairs, tournaments and smaller local events
  • Private & Commercial events

Further Information for Event Organisers

In addition to discussing your event first aid requirements with St John Ambulance, we recommend you contact the Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) about your event at your earliest convenience.

This group provides a ‘one-stop’ notification process for event organisers, ensuring regulators and emergency responders are notified about your event. They also provide helpful guidance for event organisers.

To find out more visit the Isle of Man Government’s Event Safety Advisory Group page.

When you’re ready to notify the ESAG about your event, you can use the following Event Notification Form.

Notes to Organisers

To all event organisers,

My role as part of the Public Duties Team is to co-ordinate the various requests, we receive from event organisers to ensure that we provide as much cover as possible, subject to the resources we have available.

Our Mission is to provide an effective and efficient charitable first aid service to the local community and our vision is for everyone who needs it should receive first aid, and no one should suffer as a result of lack of trained first aiders.

As you may be aware, demands on our services are increasing all the time, due to many events being unable to take place without the adequate First Aid Cover. You may be interested to know that it costs over £3,000 per week to run St. John Ambulance on the Island between the training of members, running of Ambulances, updating of equipment and the many additional tasks involved in running a busy organisation which is funded by donations and the profit from our commercial training courses. We don’t receive local government or grant funding.

As we would like everyone to receive first aid where we can provide it, in most cases rather than charging, we invite you to make a donation after the events that we attend, and you can rest assured that every penny raised is spent on the Island. If you do require an invoice, then please contact me for further details.

Our members who attend your event are all unpaid volunteers and have spent a great deal of time in training and practising the skills appropriate to their level of first aid qualification. It makes my job so much easier in arranging cover for events if organisers treat our volunteers as valued members of their team. If our volunteers come back from an event full of enthusiasm and praise, then they are more likely to turn out for your next event. Simple things like refreshments or lunch, parking arrangements, keeping them informed and finally thanking them personally at the end of the day (and even telling them when the event is over!).

St John Ambulance has a “no cost volunteering” policy, this means that it shouldn’t cost our members anything when they are giving up their time for free. If the event is long enough where they require food and you do not provide this, then we will ask them for receipts to reimburse them and then send this to you to recover.

I trust that you will understand the reasons for this; we would much prefer that you show your appreciation for our volunteers by the gesture of providing them with refreshments, rather than simply paying a charge.

I hope that you will find these notes helpful, and if you have any comments or concerns please let me know.

Thank you for considering St John Ambulance to cover your event.

Catherine Fennell

Public Duties Manager. 327516